I have often felt that a big part of why our world seems to be crumbling into oblivion is simply because of the way we look at it. All our media sources are directed at informing their audience (us!) about all of the negative events that are happening. School shootings, violent drug busts, rape, missing children… It’s no wonder anyone that cares about me has woes about the fact that I am choosing to travel alone. But I have to. Why? Because this is not a vacation.

Vacations create envy in readers. Vacation is all about fun and escaping from life; you get to go here with these friends for this many days and just forget about everything else. Everybody reading about it is just jealous because they are stuck at home with their “oh-so-awful” (really though, which one of us hasn’t thought that at one point?) life and wish that they could be escaping life too. The trouble is, life is waiting for you when you come home.
TRAVEL, on the other hand, creates inspiration in readers. Travel is about stepping out of the box and experiencing other cultures firsthand. Travel is about meeting new people, trying new things, and experiencing things you would never experience otherwise. Travel changes your viewpoint. You don’t come back to life when you get home; travel stays with you. Travel changes life.

I wanted to create this blog to document my travels, but to also talk more in depth about what I am learning, in hopes that others can acquire a new viewpoint as well. From other short travels I have taken, I have already begun to develop a new perspective. I wanted to provide this blog as an alternative to watching the news or reading the paper so that the reader can see a different side of what the world looks like, a brighter side. I will include negative experiences and negative thoughts and feelings so that my readers know that I am a human and not some perfect happy-go-lucky martian who was born with rays of positivism bubbling through my veins. I want people to know my struggles and down-times so that it is a truly honest blog. I will not choose to only post the good things that happen to me because then I would be lying to my audience. Good and bad things are going to happen every day; the positive outlook comes from how we choose to respond to these circumstances. As I travel on a journey to continue to improve my perspective and solidify a more positive outlook, I hope to also change the perspective of those who live vicariously through my blog.

If you love what you see and support my ideal, please refer to the “Support” tab and make a donation to my adventures. All donations will go to helping me cover the cost of this (and future) adventure(s).

NOTE: Please be patient with any website glitches. I am a newbie to coding and it has been a frustrating experience designing this website. Things like the smart phone display are not exactly right, but the content of my posts will still be readable on these devices. :)

NOTE NOTE: For conservative readers, I felt it necessary to warn that I will be using curse words on this blog. I won’t go into detail about why I think they are perfectly acceptable forms of vocabulary because that is unrelated to the reasons behind writing this blog. But just have fair warning that there will be curse words when I deem it necessary to have strong words to describe something. I’m from a free country, after all. :)

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