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Que Rico Monterrico

Monterrico. Monterrico. What can I say about Monterrico?

Well, obviously, I went to Monterrico with José. As I said in my last post, we were going to talk later that day to work things out and he still wanted to go to the beach and so did I and all was settled, so away we went. We spent the majority of Friday night hanging out at a rooftop restaurant watching music videos and lightning. Antigua is so pretty at night when there is lightning.

Anyways, Saturday morning at 8 AM, we left for the beach! This ride was SOOOOOOOOO much better than the rides to Pacaya and Atitlán. There were no crazy curvy roads so I never got carsick. Just a lovely normal road trip with my BFF. When we arrived, we put our stuff in the hotel room and headed to the beach. Holy balls was it hot in Monterrico. I thought Antigua could get hot during the day. No. Monterrico was hot the whole day and WAY worse than Antigua.

We tried to lay on the beach for a bit, but the wind picked up and kept throwing sand in my face. A large wave also decided to reach all the way to where we were sitting and drench my towel. So we decided to return to the hotel and swim in the nice clean sand-less pool. I never actually ended up swimming at the beach there. The waves were GINORMOUS. I didn’t feel like getting my eyes full of salt water.

The beach at Monterrico

The beach at Monterrico

For the most part, I don’t have much to say about this beach. We did beach-like things, I suppose. Basked in the sun. Hung out in a restaurant and ate food. Went to a dance club Saturday night, but it wasn’t my cup of tea, per se. I love going dancing, but I am so obsessed with salsa and other forms of dance here because I can’t get them in my country. But this club was just playing a lot of stuff that’s hard to dance to except in the usual US white girl dance type of way. I still enjoyed myself however, as I always enjoy spending time with José. I really like him.

Mi chico guapito :P

Mi chico guapito :P

Oh!! We saw baby turtles get released. I forgot about that. They were so tiny and cute and they held a race to see which one crossed the line first. It was too precious. There was one turtle that kept turning in circles and never got anywhere without someone picking it up haha. Pobresito.

How cute is that?? I've never seen a black turtle before!

How cute is that?? I’ve never seen a black turtle before!

Race for the win!

Race for the win!

Monterrico was different than any other beach I’ve ever been to. Even in Costa Rica. I’ve seen black sand before. That’s not what I’m referring to. I guess it was different because in Costa Rica, we went to a resort on the beach so it still felt fancy. But Monterrico felt so poor and run down and in the middle of god knows where. Not that that’s a bad thing. It was just different. It was an interesting experience to see a beach town so different than anything I’ve ever seen.

the beach town of Monterrico

the beach town of Monterrico

Not even a paved road in site!

Not even a paved road in site!

Sunday, I woke up to a horrible sore throat. Three cheers for being sick for the bagillionth time! I’m so good at getting sick here. Whether it’s the climate, the food, or maybe people are just less hygienic… I don’t know. But I’d say I win the award for being sick all the time.

We mostly just chilled out that day since I wasn’t feeling good. We left to return to Antigua at 4:00 that day. So the beach was fun, of course, because I was with my dearest boy. I got more tan. I experienced a new place. I got away from Antigua for a weekend so I could miss it a little. All was well.

When we got back to Antigua, I was really tired but I needed to get some things for the week at the Bodegona and I needed to eat dinner so I obviously invited José to join me since he is my favorite person to spend time with here. We decided to eat at the Sala because my friend Kevin had invited me there to come dancing. Kevin is the guy I met a few weeks ago in my salsa class that I didn’t hear from until Orlando invited me out last Thursday. But now we’ve hung out a few times and he invited me to be in this dance group he’s in because they’re looking for a new girl and said if he knew a girl that wants to learn how to dance, she can come be part of the group! AND I GOT INVITED! BAILE BAILE BAILE! Can’t wait to get started. Anyways, I had turned him down last night since I was tired, but since we needed to eat dinner, we decided to go to the Sala anyways. Once I got there and heard the Salsa music however, I was given a burst of energy. Oh, my happy feet.

Poor José was too tired to dance, but I wanted to dance so badly. He danced with me a few songs, but we decided to leave around 10:30 since Kevin still hadn’t shown up. As we left, there was Orlando and the two people from the restaurant last week. I’ve forgotten their names already. I need to learn them. I was sad to be leaving since some friends had just arrived, but since I didn’t see Kevin, we kept walking. Then I got a text from Kevin saying he had just arrived. Poor sweet José wanted to walk me home but I wanted to dance so he said we could go back and see my other friends.

So back we went. I danced with Kevin for quite a while as José so sweetly and patiently waited for me, but I urged him to leave since I felt like staying and dancing and he was tired. Eventually he gave up and left, but I feel like he was mad that I didn’t want to walk with him. Of course I wanted to walk with him, but I wanted to dance too. The guys are so possessive here. It’s a little hard to get used to since I’m more of a free spirit. And most of my friends at home are guys so I’m used to having a lot of guy friends… Here is different though. I’m pretty sure at this point that all my guy friends are just my secret admirers. This is what I was talking about earlier when I said I’ve finally experienced the guatemalteco drama. I just love my friends. That’s how I am. The culture doesn’t understand as much here because they seem to think if you spend time with them that you like them. But I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

Anyways, so I felt bad for José but what could I do? I love José to death and if I had to choose between people, I’d pick hanging out with him, but in reality my ideal choice would be to hang out with all of my friends in a group at once. But that’s just not the culture here.

The closest I’ve found to that is Kevin and his aunt and uncle and Orlando. They’re a funny group of friends. Both times I’ve encountered them, they’ve been hanging out in a group. I LIKE GROUP HANG OUTS. I was going to go home at 1:00 AM when La Sala closed because I was obviously even more tired and sick and we’ve been told not to stay out super late here, but..

I decided to have my first after 1:00 AM Antigua experience. I stayed and hung out with Kevin and his aunt and uncle and Orlando and nothing bad happened. Didn’t feel any different than staying out late any where else in the world. Didn’t feel dangerous. We went to a place in the market that had some street food, but I was still chicken to try it. It was absolutely freezing at that time of night riding around in shorts and a tank top, so go me for being smart. Now I’m sick once again, but no importa. I’m still happy. And that’s what matters.

This is my friend Kevin! He's a sweetheart!

This is my friend Kevin! He’s a sweetheart!

I had a great time last night and I’m so excited to finally be having people to hang out with. It was an interesting weekend to say the least, but that’s about as much as I can explain without going into great detail.

What I can say is… And what I like to reiterate on my blog over and over and over… Don’t listen to everything you hear and don’t let people scare you into thinking something is awful. Nothing bad has happened after dark that I have seen here, even staying out til 3:00 am. Yet, you hear stuff about it all the time. Why? Because the news is always negative. They don’t mention all the good stuff that happens. Don’t want to do something because someone died once? Then you’re not really living!

Today I woke up late and just ran some errands and did some homework. Kevin wanted to meet up again for coffee at 3:00, but I wasn’t really hungry or thirsty and only had an hour to kill before my class. So we ended up going on a motorcycle adventure!! He took me to another city called Ciudad Vieja and one other, of which I forgot the name. It was such a beautiful ride! I need to bring my camera if we go again because I definitely wanted to stop and take some photos. Holy crap, I love riding on motorcycles! You can take in so much more of the view!

And of course, who wears a helmet in Guatemala? 😉

Living on the edge, kiddos. Living on the edge.

And I couldn’t be more grateful for my life right now. Drama or no drama, sickness or no sickness, nothing’s going to bring me down!!

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